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Our Customers Love Their New Windows

When you’re ready to get started on your project with the top window replacement company in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Ashton McGee is just a call away.

We’ll have an expert from our team review all of your options with you and address any questions you may have. No job is too big and custom window sizing is something we can easily handle.

Once we take a few measurements, we can get started installing your new windows!

Choosing The Right Team For
Your Window Replacement Job

When it comes to selecting the right type of windows for your home, finding the right window replacement professionals in Minnesota is a crucial first step to your home project. We at Ashton McGee Restoration Group have the tools, knowledge, and experience to tackle all of your updates.

We understand that energy efficiency tends to be the first thing customers mention when they bring up replacing their windows, and we are here to guide you in the right direction. It’s estimated that roughly 30% of a home’s energy is lost due to poorly insulated windows. One of the easiest ways to avoid these lost energy resources and in turn lower your energy bills is to install newer windows.

Our team is 100% committed to your satisfaction with your newly installed windows, as we are with all of our projects. We achieve this by offering a wide range of styles and top brands to choose from such as Marvin, Pella, and Andersen.

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Features and Benefits

The superior performance of our products starts with innovation. Every precision-engineered component contributes to superior energy savings. The multi-chamber design helps trap dead air to produce an effective barrier, while the extra-thick, fusion-welded frame and sashes provide superior structural strength and create a permanent barrier against air and moisture infiltration, adding up to greater energy savings and lower utility bills. Our products feature a sloped sill helping to prevent air and water infiltration while maintaining a timeless, detailed appearance. Beveled mainframe on double-hung and sliding windows complement any home's style.

The multi-chamber design of our products help trap dead air to produce an effective insulating barrier Fusion-welded frame and sashes provide superior structural strength and create a permanent barrier against air and moisture infiltration

Ensuring easy operation, the constant force balance system and heavy-duty operating hardware continue to operate perfectly, even after decades of regular use

Heavy-duty Steel reinforcement is placed within the sashes at the meeting rails to ensure extra protection at this very critical and often used location

The Spacer System helps reduce conducted heat loss through the window and is better at retaining insulating gas than many conventional designs

Triple-barrier weather-stripping between the sash and jamb for superior protection from air and water infiltration. Sloped sill helps prevent water and air infiltration, forcing water to drain to the exterior.

Window Styles

There are many styles of windows to choose from and our team is highly educated on each one so that all your questions are answered and you are able to make the right choice for your home. Here are a few popular styles we proudly offer homeowners:

Storm damage

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