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Watch Our Home Roofing Process!

Hire a team of professional roofers you can depend on for your asphalt roof replacement!

What we offer.

  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Cedar Shake
  • Metal
  • Synthetic

Which roofing option is best for me?

Asphalt Shingles

The most popular and affordable roofing option for homes in the Twin Cities and the surrounding area is definitely asphalt shingle roofing

Metal Roof

A metal roof is a great fit in Minnesota, and is worth considering when it’s time to replace the roof on your home.

Metal Roofs. A Durable & Energy-Efficient Option.

A metal roof can provide excellent protection from the elements when installed expertly. They tend to be more durable over the life of the roof than your typical asphalt shingles. A new roof is resistant to damage, including cracking, eroding, and shrinking. In general, it should last the entire time you own the home, which is an added plus where durability is concerned. Metal roofing will typically also withstand severe weather (including hail and snow!) and it’s more fire-resistant than asphalt shingles, which makes metal a great material for your home’s roof replacement.

In addition to being an incredibly durable material, metal also offers increased energy savings. They’re 100% recyclable, are often made from partially recycled materials themselves, and will lower your energy bill overall since metal roofing deflects the summer sun and holds in your home’s heat well during the winter months. We also recommend checking with your insurance company to see if they offer any discounts for having a metal roof.

Complementary Inspection

We will make sure to provide you with a free roof inspection before we move on with the project.

Strong Against Elements

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Service control and follow-up with you is always on our check list. We got this y'all!

Asphalt Shingles.

The most popular and affordable roofing option for homes in the Twin Cities and the surrounding area is definitely asphalt shingle roofing. Here at Ashton McGee, we work only with the best asphalt shingle manufacturer – GAF. We are proud to be recipients of GAF Master Elite Roofer and GAF Certified’s President Club Roofer. Awards that only a tiny percentage of roofers in Minnesota have.

Asphalt shingles are high quality, sturdy and reliable. They come in variety of colors and options that resemble wood, slate or tile. That way your roof can stay beautiful and adapt to any style you like. Asphalt shingles are low-cost, very easy to install and maintain, and can last up to 50 years (thicker asphalt shingle version).

Low Cost

Most affordable roofing option in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.


We offer plenty of different design options that resemble wood, tile or slate shingles.

Best in the Industry

We only work with the best shingle manufacturers.



STEP 1 - Our team will come out and remove all of the old shingles from your roof


STEP 3 - A boom truck delivers the new batch of shingles we’ll be placing on your home

Starting work

STEP 2- We begin installing new ice and water shields


STEP 4 - We then install your new shingles, ensuring your roof looks meticulous

Roofing professionals at Ashton McGee Restoration Group have been helping Minnesotans build their dream homes since 2013. Our roofing awards show that when it comes to roofing work & storm damage repair, we are the best roofing company in Minnesota and Wisconsin!

We do believe our craftsmanship is unmatched among all other roofing companies in Minnesota.We have specialized in delivering the best residential roofing work for our clients. If your home needs a new roof or a repair, our roofing team will deliver it quickly with the best materials in the roofing industry. Our priority is for you to be satisfied, for the job to be quick and for your home to be dry and energy-efficient!

For more information and to get started on your next residential project, call Ashton McGee Restoration Group at (952) 426-3736 today! Our team of Twin Cities roof experts will answer all of your questions and help you create a custom plan for your home.

Storm damage

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