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The Importance of Gutters

Author: Rebekah Pierce

From the foundation to the roofing, there are lots of important features on a house that are necessary for it to function properly and look good in the process.

One of these features? The gutters. Many homeowners overlook the importance of them – or might not even understand why they are there in the first place.

In this post, we’ll educate you on the importance of gutters and what they do so that you can keep your home safe from water damage – while also adding some serious aesthetic appeal.

Keep reading to learn more!


What Do Gutters Do? 

They’re a vital part of a home’s drainage system. They are installed along the edge of the roof and are designed to collect and funnel water away from the foundation. This is important because standing water can cause serious damage to a home’s structure, leading to expensive repairs. 

In addition, they help to protect landscaping by directing water away from flower beds and gardens. 

Gutters can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, and copper. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different homes and budgets. 

Although they require regular cleaning to prevent blockages, they are a relatively low-maintenance way to protect your home from water damage.


Are Gutters Really Necessary?

Gutters are an essential component of most homes, yet many homeowners don’t give their gutters a second thought – until they start overflowing during a rainstorm. Only then do they realize that they are actually a vital part of their home’s drainage system. 

By channeling water away from the foundation and directing it towards a drain or other outlet, they help to prevent water damage and save homeowners a significant amount of money in repairs. 

Gutters also help to protect landscaping by preventing soil erosion and redirecting runoff away from delicate plantings. For these reasons, it’s important to make sure that your gutters are in good working order. 

Every now and then, you may notice that some homes don’t have them. Homes are less likely to need them if the ground slopes away from the home – such as a house that’s positioned at the top of a steep hill. One that is surrounded by concrete (without a lawn) may not have as much of a need for gutters, either.

Yet there are still benefits to adding them. Any home that doesn’t have gutters is more likely to have water pouring directly from the roof into the foundation – and any cracks or pores in the foundation can allow this water to seep into your home. Not good!


How to Maintain Your Gutters

To keep your gutters in good working order, there are a few key steps that you should always follow.

First and foremost, it is essential to clear any debris that may have accumulated in them. 

This can include leaves, sticks, or other types of natural debris. You should be sure to clean them out at least once a year, and even more often than that if you live in an area with a lot of trees or plants that naturally shed their leaves. The biggest reason for gutter failure is blockages – so make sure these are addressed and prevented.

Beyond simple cleanup, you may also need to address issues like rust or cracks in the gutter itself, or damaged brackets that hold them in place. If you spot any problems with your gutters, be sure to take action right away so that they can continue to do their job of channeling water away from your property

It is also important to make sure that your gutters are properly sloped so that water can easily flow through them during rainstorms. You can get an idea of your gutters’ pitch by doing a basic visual inspection – the downspouts should always be the low point. If you have standing water in the gutter after a storm, that’s a good sign that the pitch is off and your gutters need to be repitched. 

Finally, make sure they aren’t filled with holes or gaps. Make sure they aren’t pulling away from the house. If they’re sagging or pulling, they could be clogged, or the internal hangers could be faulty. All of these are issues that need to be addressed ASAP if you want to keep your home safe.


Pressed for Time? Hire Out Your Gutter Protection

Don’t have time to give them the attention they deserve? This isn’t an area of home maintenance you should skimp on. If you’re pressed for time, consider hiring out your gutter cleaning and maintenance services to the pros.

At Ashton McGee Restoration Group, we have the experience (and time!) it takes to give your gutters the due diligence they deserve. We’ll install, maintain, and replace gutters in Minnesota or Wisconsin as the need arises – so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Call Ashton McGee Restoration Group today for an estimate – and rest easy knowing your home is protected. We got this, y’all!

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