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Storm Damage Repair & Restoration

Schedule a free inspection if your home’s been hit by severe weather and has suffered storm damage in Minnesota or Wisconsin!

Roof Inspection

The Calm After a Stormageddon

Contact Ashton McGee Restoration Group for a free inspection if your home’s been hit by severe weather.

Has your roof been damaged by storm weather and hail? We know that the insurance process can be a bit complicated and that storm-chasing contractors are constantly knocking at your door. Ashton McGee Restoration Group is a locally owned and operated business and we provide a relationship, not just a service. So if you need a quick and safe restoration service, then we are the group to call. Our exceptional and well-experienced restoration team will repair, replace and maintain your roof and will ensure that your new roof is protected against further storms, wind, or rain damage of all kinds. We also walk you through the entire process from inspection to the insurance process to cleaning your property after the roof replacement. Protect your roof against storm damage and speak to one of our professionals who will make your life easier.

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Ashton McGee Restoration Group will make sure to provide you with a free roof inspection so no storm damage gets missed!

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Our responsive restoration team of professionals will work fast and efficiently to ensure your home is without storm damage as soon as possible.

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We will guide you how to file insurance claims that will fully compensate any storm damage repair that your home suffered.


Storm Damage

Here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the potential for storm damage is just one of many aspects of homeownership we always have to keep in the back of our minds. While we at AMRG hope that every home escapes bad weather unscathed, we know that there’s a chance you may someday be impacted by a storm – and should that day come, you can be sure that the professionals at AMRG will walk you through every step in the process to make your home whole again.

When storms hit your home, it’s important to inspect your roof for damage right away so that you can get any issues sorted out. Quick action helps prevent any worse damage from occurring to your home.

Damage you want to be on the lookout for when you inspect your roof after a storm:

Wind Damage

If you notice shingles on your roof that appear to have been lifted or shifted after a storm, it’s important to get them repaired right away. Allowing problems that appear insignificant at first to linger through a second storm could leave your home vulnerable to further damage.

Fallen Debris Damage

Storms can tear branches and limbs from trees, and even sometimes cause trees to fall altogether. If you experience roof damage as a result of fallen debris of any kind, it’s important to have it safely removed and the area inspected to ensure that your home’s roof is still in good working order. If a tree falls on your home, contact a professional immediately.

Hail Damage

Your roof may seem like it will handle most hail well enough, but even small-sized hail can be enough to cause damage to your shingles. It can potentially cause cracking in shingles, which may leave your roof vulnerable to other elements like water and UV rays. This can significantly impact the life expectancy of your roof.

Storm Damage Reviews

I had my roof replacement done by Ashton McGee Restoration Group due to hail damage. Andrew Shultz was the project manager and made the whole process effortless. I’m very satisfied with the work that AMRG has done and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future for any storm damage repairs or anything else.


We Got This Y'all!

Leave it to the Roofing Professionals

We understand that Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro area are known to experience potentially hazardous weather year-round. We know that homeowners can’t predict when that weather is going to impact their property, but you can rest easy knowing our team is just a call away and that we specialize in storm damage repair. If your home has sustained damage following a storm of any nature, call your Minnesota home restoration experts at Ashton McGee Restoration Group at (952) 426-3736

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