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Ashton McGee Restoration Group has been providing high quality gutter installation and gutter replacement for decades. We are a leading team of locals proudly serving Minneapolis as well as the greater Twin Cities Metro. Our team is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to protecting your home.

We will come to your home at your convenience, provide you with an inspection as well as a detailed report on what our recommendations are for your water management system. We work with you to tailor this project to fit both your needs and your budget, and explain warranties available on our systems. Once you are ready to start your project, leave the rest to us. 

High-performance gutters.

Minnesota is no stranger to inclement weather during all seasons of the year which as we know, can shift greatly from one hour to the next. One of the best ways to protect your roof and home from damage is by installing quality gutters & downspouts, and ensuring they’re installed correctly. Ashton McGee Restoration Group is here to provide you with the highest rated gutters, completely installed by our expert installation team.

We will make sure that your home is guarded against mold, ice dams, erosion, insect infestations and more. Installing new gutters is essential to protect your business or home. Quality system directs water away from the foundation of your home to avoid deterioration and cracks. Making sure your gutters are high-performing and durable will save you a lot of money and time repairing the damages of a dysfunctional system. Your new system will be easy to maintain. Keeping them clean and free of debris will be effortless.

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Why Are Gutters So Important?

It’s generally quite important in the Midwest to outfit your home with high-quality gutters and downspouts for all types of weather, but winter weather is where your home’s water management system can take an unexpected beating for most homeowners. The mix of rain and snow that Minnesota is known to experience, paired with freezing temperatures, can destroy a home if a high-quality system either isn’t installed or isn’t installed properly.

When water sits in your gutters due to poor flow to its downspouts, it will eventually freeze when the temperatures dip as they’re known to do each year. When that standing water freezes, it expands and puts pressure on your system in the form of ice dams and large icicles that can weigh down your gutters to the point they detach from your home. It can also lead to fascia damage, which can eventually lead to foundation cracking on the home. These repairs can be very costly, but are entirely preventable with the right water management system directing water down and away from your home.

If you think your gutters may be clogged or failing due to damage or reaching the end of their life expectancy, reach out to Ashton McGee Restoration Group – a team you can trust. We’ll pinpoint the cause of any issues, quote the estimated job, work with you to customize the perfect plan for your water management system, and get straight to work.

Why Choose McGee Restoration

Ashton McGee Restoration Group has been replacing and installing gutters in Minnesota since 2013. Our experience and skill in this area is unmatched and our goal is to ensure your home does not lack function. We work fast and deliver on-time & within the budget.

To be able to deliver on-time and within the budget, we make sure that we plan the whole process and the project before we even start. We guide you through the whole process so you are informed and understand what is going on. If you have any more questions, feel free to call us so we can tell you more information about it. There is a reason people say Ashton McGee is the best gutter contractor in the Minneapolis area.

Call Ashton McGee for all gutter installation and/or replacement needs. We got this y’all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning your home’s water management system is a necessary part of home maintenance to protect both your foundation and structure from costly damage. In states like Minnesota, it’s recommended to have your system cleaned out roughly 3 times per year – at the end of autumn, at the beginning of spring, and mid-summer. This helps ensure that your system won’t become overwhelmed by debris throughout the year, which in turn gives you peace knowing that your system should be working at peak performance. If heights aren’t your thing, call the pros at Ashton McGee Restoration Group

There are several factors that determine how long a new installation will take. We take into consideration the size of your home, the type of gutters being installed, and the current state of your home. If previous system have damaged your home or were installed incorrectly, we may have to replace rotted wood, which can delay the time it takes to complete your project. Some factors lie out of our control, like mother nature. Weather can affect the length of time it takes to complete your project. But under most circumstances, we can get the installation project completed in one day!

Our team specializes in both of these areas. If your system need repitching, resealing, or patching, we want you to be able to keep your current system as long as possible before resorting to an entire replacement of your system. If your gutters appear to be deteriorated or sagging away from the home, it may be a good idea to replace them before it leads to significant damage to your home and its foundation. Give us a call to inspect and we’ll help you determine whether you need a simple repair or a replacement!

During rainfall, water should be funneling down and away from your gutter system through the downspouts. If you don’t see water levels exiting the downspouts commensurate with the amount of rainfall happening, it’s a pretty sure sign that your system is clogged. Another sign of clogged system include water flowing over the edges. It’s a good idea to have them cleared of debris as soon as weather allows for it. Our dedicated team of professionals are happy to lend a couple hands to get the job done quickly and safely.

It’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all price estimate for gutter replacement. This is because we customize each project to tailor your needs, preferences, and budget. There are also additional options to minimize the amount of maintenance your water management system will require that can impact the cost of your project. We’ll happily provide you with a run-down of all of our options and a price estimate based on the aforementioned, so give us a call!

Installing a leaf guard or other product that is manufactured for the purpose of preventing debris from falling into your gutters is the best option for those who want to create a virtually maintenance-free water management system for their home. These are generally made of mesh or similar screening material and keep leaves and other debris from falling or being blown into the system. Our team at Ashton McGee Restoration Group are experienced at installing such guards to allow your gutters to remain as clean as possible and working at full capacity year-round!

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