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Metal Roof Installation

A metal roof is a great fit in Minnesota, and is worth considering when it’s time to replace the roof on your home.

Metal Roof on a residential home with a sunset in the back

A Durable & Energy-Efficient Option

A metal roof can provide excellent protection from the elements when installed expertly. They tend to be more durable over the life of the roof than your typical asphalt shingles. A new roof is resistant to damage, including cracking, eroding, and shrinking. In general, it should last the entire time you own the home, which is an added plus where durability is concerned. Metal roofing will typically also withstand severe weather (including hail and snow!) and it’s more fire-resistant than asphalt shingles, which makes metal a great material for your home’s roof replacement.

In addition to being an incredibly durable material, metal also offers increased energy savings. They’re 100% recyclable, are often made from partially recycled materials themselves, and will lower your energy bill overall since metal roofing deflects the summer sun and holds in your home’s heat well during the winter months. We also recommend checking with your insurance company to see if they offer any discounts for having a metal roof.

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We will make sure to provide you with a free roof inspection before we move on with the project.

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They are very strong against the weather. Wind, snow, hail, ice, and fire. Lasts the longest our of all other roofs.

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They're providing the same aesthetics of asphalt shingles. Choose from a variefy of different colors.

Visually Appealing

Advancements in metal roofing options have allowed homeowners to choose metal that has been manufactured to resemble other common roofing materials. We offer metal roofs designed in the style of shingles, slate, tile, and wood shake roofing. We’re also able to install the more traditional vertical seam profile seen on many metal roofs. Metal provides many more options than most homeowners realize!

One of steel roofing systems that’s become widely used due to its visual offerings is the DECRA system. This is a stone-coated steel that provides all of the benefits of a standard metal roof, but the traditional look of asphalt shingles. They come in a wide range of both styles and colors to choose from so that you’re able to fully customize it.

Metal Roof on a blue house

Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing

We want you as a homeowner to be as informed as possible when making the decision on whether it is a right option for you. We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons that come with a metal roof to assist you with making that decision.


  • Low-maintenance than other roofing materials
  • Incredibly durable, stands the test of time and severe weather
  • Customizable to suit all styles of homes
  • Last 60 years or longer
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Heavy compared to traditional asphalt shingles
  • Requires expert installation
  • More expensive and require a bit more time to install than asphalt shingles

Roofing Reviews

This is a wonderful company! David R was our project manager & was phenomenal to work with. He shared his goal is to get you the roof he’d put on his mom’s house. The experience, knowledge, responsiveness, & attention to detail were wonderful. He was very responsive & overall a great guy. I connected with David in just a short time & trusted him. The crew did a tremendous job, we’re respectful, worked hard & put on the roof like they would for that beloved mom. I trusted them all & very pleased with our experience. This company also is purposeful to volunteer & help their community in various ways. I would definitely recommend this company & will be a repeat client. Thank you to the crew once again for everything!


We Got This Y'all!

Metal Roof Replacement Near You

When you want the most trusted Minneapolis metal roof installation experts, you can call on Ashton McGee Restoration Group. Our team of highly qualified contractors and project managers can help you discuss options, warranties, and financing options. Call us today at (952) 426-3736 for a free estimate!

Metal Roofing FAQ

  • A steel roof retains its value much better compared to the asphalt shingles traditionally installed on homes. This is because of its durability and ability to withstand everything from normal wear and tear to severe thunder- and snowstorms. We also recommend reaching out to your insurance company because some offer discount benefits for homeowners who install metal roofing systems on their homes. The warranty on a metal roof is another benefit when thinking about selling your home – the warranty often transfers to a new owner.

You can generally rely on it to withstand anything Mother Nature tries to hurl its way. We offer options that test very high on the rating scale in response to hail and winds. The best part is that the durability of your roof doesn’t have to come at the expense of curb appeal. We offer options that replicate the appearance of almost any type of roof style you could possibly desire!

You may be familiar with experiencing the sound of rain on metal roofs that cover buildings like garages or barns, and that it sounds somewhat intense. This is generally caused by a lack of a roof deck, insulation, and underlayment. When installing a roof on a residential home, we include layers of building materials between the metal roof and the living area which reduce that noise significantly. This ensures that your metal roof will be just as quiet as any other roofing material when it rains!

The odds of your home being struck by lightning during severe weather do not increase simply because you have a metal roof. The odds remain the same as if you had any other type of roofing material on your home. However, one benefit of it is that, if a lightning strike ever does occur on your roof, metal roofing will not ignite and catch fire like other materials since it’s not combustible.

The short answer is no. Snow slides off of metal roofs. In fact, there are things called snow retention systems that people often use on their metal roofs in order to help prevent any sudden release of built-up snow from the roof!

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